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Maui Recycling Group’s mission is to provide public education, research, training and technical assistance to encourage environmentally and economically sound solid waste resource management systems in the County of Maui and the State of Hawaii.


Maui Recycling Group ( MRG ) is a not-for-profit Hawaii corporation, tax-exempt under IRS 501 (c) (3). MRG was organized and chartered in 1989 with the purpose of providing education, technical assistance and other services to promote environmentally and economically sound solid waste resource management programs for Maui County and the State of Hawaii.
In the course of its nearly 25 year history MRG has developed, implemented, managed and supported a variety of public education, demonstration, data-gathering, technical assistance and community programs which have positively impacted solid waste resource management programs throughout Hawaii. A project-oriented organization, MRG has received grants and contracts from the County of Maui, and the State of Hawaii Department of Health, the State of Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, Clean Hawaii Center and ERT and the US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9.

Maui Recycling Group’s Board of Directors, Advisors and Friends.

Rick Woodford, Treasurer & Founding Member


Melanie Stephens, Director

Kanara Woodford, Secretary


Sherri Vann, Director

Our Supporters

we encourage you to support them

Aloha Recycling
We pay cash for Aluminum and Glass

75 Amala Place, Kahului (across the street from VIP Foodservice)

Aloha Shares Network
Statewide reuse cooperative keeping good, usable materials out of Hawaii’s landfills and getting them to the people who need them


Big Brothers/Big Sisters

EKO Compost
Turns dirt into soil


Hawaii Tire Disposing Co.

Worm composting workshops, starter systems, compost and worm juice


Maui Earth Compost
Organic compost & compost blends


Maui Electric Company
Giving you the power


Maui Recycling Service
Curbside Residential and Commercial Recycling


Pacific Biodiesel
Clean, renewable, diesel fuel made from vegetable oil

285 Hukilike St, Kahului

Reynolds Aluminum

Sunny Solutions



Signs don’t point to issues –  Camille Armantrout (Submitted 10/26/04) Don’t overlook recycling – Rick Woodford (Submitted 10/18/04, Printed 10/24

Political signs make a bad impression – Camille Armantrout (Submitted 9/16/04, Printed 9/17/04)

Publisher takes responsibility for product – Rick Woodford (Submitted 9/16/04)

Publisher does the right thing – Rick Woodford (Submitted 9/15/04)

Alaskans have the right idea about caring for the land – Pam Wolf (Printed 8/31/04)

Shipping our trash 2,500 miles is no solution – Shaun Stenshol (Printed 8/13/04)

More than a third of all waste tonnage is recycled on Maui – Bruce Erfer (Printed 8/9/04)

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Exporting garbage is socially irresponsible – Bob Armantrout (submitted 7/6/04, printed 7/10)

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Recycling services available to those who look – Shaun Stenshol (submitted 2/26/04, printed 3/1/04)

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‘Recycling Guide’ to debut biggest project yet – Joy Webster (printed 1/22/04)

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Maui does take recycling seriously, one problem at a time – Joy Webster (submitted 1/8/04, printed 1/11/04)

Sustainable living has many personal benefits – Camille Armantrout (submitted 12/28/03, printed 1/1/04)

National Bottle Bill introduced on America Recycles Day – Camille Armantrout (submitted 11/18/03, printed 11/23)

EKO Style Compost Used for Decades – Pam Wolf (printed 11/1/03)

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Title of Last Letter Misleading – Camille Armantrout (submitted 10/3/03, printed 10/6)

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Product Stewardship Needed for Phonebooks – Joy Webster (submitted 1/18/03; printed 1/22/03)

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Make Your Vote Count – Tonya Duncan (submitted 10/3/02; printed 10/8, 10/16)

Maui’s Future is in Our Hands – Camille Armantrout (submitted 9/28/02; printed 10/2, 11/6, 11/7)

Einstein Figured Out Why Maui’s Landfill is Growing into a Mountain – Bob Armantrout (submitted 9/16/02; printed 9/22, 10/3)

Smoking and Incinerators – Camille Armantrout (submitted 9/12/02; printed 10/3, 10/5)

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1. Be a good example. Show your family members, neighbors and co-workers just how easy it is to recycle.  To find out how email us at info@mauirecyclinggroup.org

2. Send letters to the local newspapers, community groups, businesses, churches — we should spread the word whenever and however we can.

3. We can write letters to Maui’s newspaper editors.  Most newspapers will publish most letters they receive.  The “Letters” section is always one of the most heavily read sections.  Be accurate, credible and avoid name calling. Browse our Newspaper Letter Archives below for ideas.

4. Write to our Government officials.  They do read and listen and know that every letter they receive represents much more than just the individual writer.